Effluent Management Systems, Inc. (EMS) was founded in 1984 as an environmental services company specializing in management,
efficiency, and cost reduction. Our goal is to assume total operational responsibility for your plant effluents or by-product waste streams while
saving you a significant amount of money.  We are seeking partners in industry who wish to share operational cost savings associated with
efficient management of their process-related wastes. We are prepared to provide the necessary system evaluation, design, permitting and
technical support services at minimal cost in exchange for a portion of the future savings.  

EMS personnel have designed and operated numerous systems throughout the United States and Internationally.
(Click here to view project location map).       Our Experience Includes:

If your facility generates effluents, sludges or sale-at-loss byproducts, let us show you how to save money by managing them rather than continuing to practice “waste” disposal.

Whether you are experiencing high wastewater or sludge disposal costs, generating
sale-at-loss byproducts, or considering a facility expansion, we can help you save money while achieving regulatory compliance.

The EMS approach achieves maximum savings through an Effluent Efficiency Audit
resulting in selection of the optimum combination of technology and management

EMS has the expertise to meet your requirements. We are specialists in converting
waste streams into useful by-products and managing process effluents to achieve
maximum cost savings.

The EMS approach is based on:

Using the EMS approach you can:   

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